The Apothecary

The Apothecary is a project about connectivity. It’s a project about love.

The Apothecary was born of a desire to test the idea that one person could help ease another’s heartache even though the people are strangers and never meet face to face.

This hypothesis was first tested in a 24-hour festival setting in which I was a costumed character (Dr. Good) who received voluntary written answers to the question: “What’s hurtin’?”. Blind Dr. Good’s job was to reply, in writing, with practical “prescriptions” and offer tangible tools to help implement the prescribed action. What happened shook me. The hurt I read was devastating. I received hundreds of heartaches. I felt humbled in a way I could not have anticipated and had never previously experienced. The hunger to be heard – to be witnessed – vibrated the space and I knew I had found something. Because I received more requests than I could engage with during the festival, I made every offering I could and began thinking about how to re-engage.

In this iteration of The Apothecary, participants are asked to share heartache, theirs or others’, online. I, as Dr. Good, will include the names and injuries in scrolls that are hand-sewn daily and hung along Piper’s Creek in Carkeek park. The scrolls serve as token evidence of time and deep consideration (aka love). They are Valentines, if you will. Participants will receive an image of their scroll and a simple “prescription”.

Participation is easy and I hope you will. To do so, please continue on to the Participate page for directions.

With love,

Special thanks to Shunpike, Morgan Cahn, Carol Kiyan, Melanie Owen, Suki Bourquin, Amy-Ellen Trefsger, Drew Astley, Amy Billharz, Pamela Pakker-Kozicki, Marita Dingus and, especially, Stewart McCullough for your generous help and support.

To see Dr. Good at work in The Apothecary please visit the Shunpike Storefont located at John Street and Boren Ave N in the South Lake Union neighborhood and afternoons at Carkeek Park. Both locations are in Seattle, WA. This project will run through mid-March, 2017.