For LW who is missing her rock  img_0475


“A ministry doesn’t have to be only through a church, or even through an ordination.  And I think we all can minister to others in this world by being compassionate and caring.”             -Mr. Rogers


In collecting materials, writing names and sewing these scrolls, I feel deeply connected to the people  and their suffering.  I am reminded of the raw courage it takes to stay in one’s body when it doesn’t feel safe to do so – when it feels as though it might splinter and fail.  I experience admiration and  respect for those suffering as well as their caretakers.  My mind becomes quieter – less judgmental.  Perception of my own challenges shifts which, in turn, broadens my  tolerance and shows me how we are in this all together.  The experience of choosing to love feels as mysterious and magical as gravity.


Today I had the privilege of creating scrolls with a group of 7th graders who brought enthusiasm, deep consideration and beauty to this work.img_6996


I carried their scrolls and mine into Carkeek and hung them near each other. img_7001

No specific names were offered today other than the victims of the Oakland fire. Godspeed

Today’s names include:


– The Water Protectors.  All the Water Protectors.

-The People who seek profits over the Earth and other people in North Dakota.